Khidma Charitable Trust, an initiative based in Kannur, Kerala. We have been Working in the areas of health and social welfare for last six years. Khidma has sincerely involved in helping poor patients, who suffer from various ailments, by supporting their families. our humble beginning was by distributing free food packets to poor patients at Government Hospital, Kannur.

Our services

Let's Alleviate Suffering

There are scores of people, who have been affected with cancer and leading a sad life, dreaming of better treatment and possible cure or comfort. They abysmally need our involvement, both as financial support and moral encouragement. Their helpless eyes are constantly searching for the merciful ones in the society. Khidma team has been convinced, from our field experiences.


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Khidma Dialysis Centre

Our dialysis centre is a great support for those who are suffering with kidney diseases. This project provides love and relief to those who are perplexed in front of poverty and diseases by the lack money for medicine and treatment.


This centre includes 10 dialysis units that utilized by around 30 patients every day. It provides dialysis treatment for more than 750 patients every month at a reasonable price. And we provide free treatment for needy people by the donation received through 'signature of kindness'.

The team

We have a team of dedicated and sincere people who are highly willing to serve the poor and needy people. They are our main strength too. All of them are involved in such charity works by expecting benefits from the almighty Allah.