Khidma Charitable Trust

Khidma Charitable Trust an initiative based in Kannur Kerala. We have been working in the areas of health and social welfare for last six years. Khidma has sincerely involved in helping poor patients, who suffer from various ailments, by supporting their families. our humble beginning was by distributing free food packets to poor patients at Government Hospital, Kannur. Charity has always been part of our commitment and passion; never have we tried to gain publicity for the works we do, as the team members are very clear that sincerity should be the benchmark of Khidma. Hence, we preferred abstaining ourselves from being in the media. We keep providing care and support to needy and poor patients and their families, thus trying to do justice to the name of our initiative. The activities we conducted in the fields of medical care, career guidance and social awareness have been ample proofs of the selfless dedications of the Khidma team. A commitment to provide solace and show gratitude to God leads us ahead. We are deeply pleased that many kind-hearted philanthropists have been supporting us through the years.


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No Disease Is A Curse, It's Allah's Trial


Every disease is to be taken as a trial, not only for the patient, but also for the society. The question before us is whether we are able to support those who are afflicted with pain and offer solid support. In fact, if we can join hands, a lot of things could be done and many lives could be changed. We can bring peace and hope to many ailing patient and their families, we can improve the standards of their lives. God will be with us, in shah Allah.