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Let's Alleviate Siffering

There are scores of people, who have been afflicted with cancer and leading a sad life, dreaming of better treatment and possible cure or comfort. They abysmally need our involvement, both as financial support and moral encouragement. Their helpless eyes are constantly searching for the merciful ones in the society. Khidma team has been convinced, from our field experiences that such patients get enormous relief merely from the presence of someone who is ready to listen to them or talk to them. However, we do not just confine ourselves to counseling patients, but try to actually help them by facilitating comfort with all necessities.

Khidma Dialysis Centre

Our dialysis centre is a great support for those who are suffering with heart diseases. This project provides love and relief to those who are perplexed in front of poverty and diseases by the lack money for medicine and treatment.

This centre includes 10 dialysis units that utilized by around 30 patients every day. It provides dialysis treatment for more than 750 patients every month at a reasonable price. And we provide free treatment for needy people by the donation received through 'signature of kindness'.

Dream project

Khidma is dreaming to provide more support and services to poor and needy people. Our future aim is to establish a project which confirms education and security for orphans and mentally disordered children. Our volunteers are doing ground works to achieve this goal.


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Signature of Kindness

There are a lot of kidney patients who are living in abject poverty and expectation of only death. The hope of compassion, kindness and generosity reach such people through this project.

Depending on the severity of the disease, sometime three dialysis are required in a week which becomes a costly matter for even an average middle class patient. So, treatment becomes unanswered question in front of poor patients.

Lets join together to lend a kind hand by donating a small amount for their treatment. Be a part of this project by sponsoring one or more dialysis treatments. Estimated cost of a dialysis treatment for a patient is Rs.700/-.

Educational and job support

Khidma provides financial support to the poor students who get admission for professional courses. Also, we support poor families to set up their own small scale business which may fulfill their financial needs.

Early Disease Detection Centre

Disease is not a curse. Early treatment is the best cure for disease. We started this center to help the people to detect their disease early as possible. The centre is run with the support of Dr.Moopens Foundation.

The centre is arranged with various equipments for identifying diseases early. We provide all these tests at very cheap price and at free of cost for needy people. We are planning to provide specialized doctors in future.

Water bed, Dress bank

We provide water bed facility for patients who have become bed ridden. This service is available for poor patients who are treated at kannur district hospital. We collect used, but useable dress from the people and provide them to needy and poor people.

Hospital Visit

This service was started in 2006 by visiting district hospital and provided required food and medicines to the needy patients. Still, we continue this service which includes providing lunch three times a week, medicine to needy patients, ambulance service, aid for emergency surgery and further treatment etc.

Free Diabetic Clinic

For diabetic patients who are too poor to get a medical treatment, Diabetic free camp provides hope, compassion and security for them.

At a camp conducted in 2010 November at Kannur City Denul Islam Sabha Higher Secondary School, 300 diabetic patients participated. 50 selected patients have got free treatment and including insulin.